The cause of wrinkles

Wrinkles is a common skin condition that occurs mainly as a result of skin aging. Both men and women can suffer from these so-called “creases in the face. The cause of wrinkle formation is skin sagging due to the lack of collagen and elastin. Wrinkles can occur anywhere on the face. For example, next to the eyes (crow’s feet), at the marionette line and on the forehead. Many people find this skin condition disturbing and opt for treatment to fade and/or remove wrinkles and fine lines.

What types of wrinkles exist?

Wrinkles are divided into static wrinkles and dynamic wrinkles

Dynamic wrinkles are wrinkles that are visible only during mimic movements of parts of the face. Examples include frown lines, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles and laugh lines Dynamic wrinkles can be visible at an early age (during puberty). They are not always disturbing to the person.

Static wrinkles are wrinkles that are always visible in the skin even though there is no movement in the person’s facial expression. Static wrinkles are caused by increased activity of an underlying mimic muscle as well as a decrease in collagen and elastin. The older the person is the more static wrinkles are visible in the skin. The well-known wrinkles on the upper lip and wrinkles under the eyes are good examples.

What is skin laxity?

Skin sagging is often mistaken for a wrinkle, but in fact it is not a wrinkle. Skin sagging occurs due to stretched connective tissue bands. When young, these straps keep the skin tight . These bands sag due to reduction of fatty tissue, collagen and elastin . A sagging area of skin can itself cause a fold or wrinkle. An example is the nasolabial fold created by sagging of the upper cheekbone and cheek. The so-called “hamster cheek” results from the sagging of the middle part of the cheek. The well-known double chin or double chin is caused by skin sagging of the bands under the chin.

What kind of symptoms do wrinkles cause?

Many people are bothered by wrinkles because it makes them look older and/or makes them look different than they feel. For example, a permanent frown line gives someone a constantly angry appearance when that person is not feeling angry or grumpy at all. A crease at the corners of the mouth gives someone a sad look when that person is not sad.

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