How does acne occur?

The vast majority of people develop acne during adolescence. In acne, the sebaceous glands of the skin are inflamed. For some it’s a few pimples, for others it’s an extensive skin condition that can even cause psychological problems and so can be a huge hindrance in your daily life.

Fortunately, we offer a range of acne treatments. Acne is very annoying, but fortunately not dangerous. In most people, it resolves itself after the age of 25. Sometimes acne can persist beyond puberty or start only in adulthood this is called adult acne.


Acne is caused by inflammation of the part of the skin that contains the sebaceous gland. Usually acne begins when the skin undergoes various changes due to hormones, mainly during puberty. The sebaceous glands on the face, back and chest grow larger and produce more sebum or sebum (skin lubricant). If too much sebum is produced, it accumulates and can clog the sebaceous gland. These sebum accumulations are called blackheads or comedones. There are black and white head (blackheads).
A blackhead not only contains sebum, it also contains bacteria, fatty acids and a hair. At some point, the sebaceous gland tears open. The sebum, bacteria and fatty acids enter the skin. As a result, the skin inflames and pimples and zits develop.

Acne facts

  • Genes/heredity acne can run in the family.
  • Cleaning out the inflammations/pimples improperly
  • Hormones (puberty, menstruation, pregnancy).
  • Cosmetics that clog the skin, such as certain types of non-mineral makeup.
  • Pressure and friction. An example is maskne (acne caused by wearing a mouth mask)
  • Medications can cause or worsen acne.
  • Humid air. In humid weather, acne can get worse.
  • Stress
  • Cleaning the skin too violently and a lot

Acne fables

  • Bad hygiene People think that people with acne do not keep their skin clean properly. This, too, is incorrect. Acne has nothing to do with poor hygiene.
  • Sweating. Perspiration and sebum formation have nothing to do with each other. Sweating does not make acne worse.
  • Contamination. Acne is not contagious.

The treatment

Acne does not disappear overnight it is, in fact, a skin condition of a chronic nature. Even the milder forms of acne often require long-term attention. It does, however, usually succeed in ensuring that the acne becomes “calm” and stays that way until it eventually passes.

We offer different peels against acne, combined with home therapy (home products) to continue the treatment at home.

Acne is more often accompanied by various other skin conditions think pigmentation and scarring. For appropriate advice for a personalized treatment plan, there is the opportunity to schedule a no-obligation consultation. We hope to work with you to achieve the desired result.

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