What is the difference between puffiness and dark circles?

Puffiness and dark circles are often confused. “Real” bags are pouches that form when excess fluid, fat or skin builds up under your eyes. Dark circles occur when blood vessels shine through the thin skin under your eyes, resulting in a blue or purplish haze. When people complain about their puffiness, they are usually talking about dark circles.

What are the causes of puffiness and dark circles?

To address puffiness and dark circles at their core, it is important to determine their cause.

– insufficient sleep

Lack of sleep is the most obvious cause of puffiness and dark circles. This is because during sleep, the lymphatic system drains fluid and waste products. If you do not get enough sleep, this system cannot do its job properly and fluid and waste products can accumulate under your eyes.

– insufficient drinking

Your body is about 60% fluid. Sufficient drinking allows your body to properly drain fluids. When you don’t drink enough, your body retains fluids. This can then accumulate under your eyes. On the other hand, a lack of moisture can actually cause the skin under your eyes to thin, revealing a blue- or purple-colored haze.

– genetic predisposition

Have you tried everything to reduce your puffiness and dark circles, but nothing seems to work? You may be predisposed to this. In fact, in some people the eye socket is anatomically too small, making you more likely to suffer from puffiness. In that case, unfortunately, the above solutions will not help.

– stress

Stress can make you unable to fall asleep at night or more likely to turn to unhealthy foods, alcohol or a cigarette. This in turn can promote the appearance of puffiness and dark circles.

– age

Age unfortunately comes with defects. As you age, the elasticity and firmness of your skin decreases and your skin becomes thinner.

– Smoking and (excessive) alcohol or caffeine intake

Alcohol and caffeine are diuretic. Therefore, drink alcoholic and caffeinated beverages in moderation. Do you smoke? Quitting smoking makes you more beautiful. When you stop smoking, your skin gets better blood flow, reducing puffiness and dark circles under your eyes. Moreover, you make more collagen when you stop smoking. Collagen is necessary for supple and firm skin.

How can we support you in reducing puffiness?

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