pHformula Peeling

pHformula Peeling treatments for an instant upgrade of your skin

Did you know that pHformula has been developing products based on a unique combination of cosmetic and pharmaceutical innovations for more than 35 years? At Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam, we only work with the very best products to make your skin glow.

pHformula Peeling treatments bring every skin into top condition

All of pHformula’s treatments and products are based on the latest technology in skin renewal. This makes the products unique in professional skin improvement. In doing so, they offer special opportunities to achieve the maximum results.

pHformula Peelings treatments address the following indications, among others:

  • Acne
  • (Hyper) pigmentation
  • Rosacea
  • Skin aging

There is a peel for every skin type available within pHformula’s range. This will restore the skin to peak condition, erase blemishes and allow us to slow down the skin aging process.

  • The pHformula treatment explained

    The pHformula Peeling treatments explained

    Depending on the indication, we at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam offer different treatments from the innovative pHforumla Peeling range.

    The resurfacing peel from pHformula

    The resurfacing peel from pHformula is a peel and care in one. The resurfacing peel is an intense exfoliation with great effect while also being gentle on the skin. With some chemical peels you can have downtime for days, with the pHforumla resurfacing peel you walk out of the salon immediately with a presentable and pleasant feeling face. The result after 1 treatment is already immediately visible, the skin becomes softer, firmer and more radiant.

    The AC Resurfacing Acne peel from pHformula

    The AC Resurfacing Acne peel from pHformula is the ideal peel for acne skin. When the skin shows acne, it is because the sebaceous glands in the skin are inflamed. This can manifest as blackheads, pimples or pimples. If you do not take proper care of acne skin, it can also lead to acne scarring. By treating acne skin correctly, the skin becomes more even and we can reduce and prevent scarring.

    The AC Resurfacing is an intensive peel for problematic, oily skin acne skin. We combine this peel with the special home skin care products so that we can optimally regulate sebum production. The skin becomes calmer without being dry to the touch. Treatment also helps prevent new outbreaks.

    The AGE Resurfacing Skin Rejuvenation Exfoliation

    The AGE Resurfacing Skin Rejuvenation peel from pHformula is the ideal peel to effectively slow down the skin aging process. The peel addresses wrinkles, fine lines, pigmentation and dull, matte skin, among other issues. With this peel, we also recommend an at-home package for maximum results. The AGE Resurfacing Skin Rejuvenation peel belongs is every anti-aging plan.

    The M.E.L.A Resurfacing – Pigment peeling

    Suffering from pigmentation? Then the M.E.L.A. Resurfacing Pigment peel by pHformula is a suitable treatment. Pigmentation manifests as brown patches on the skin and is caused in part by sun damage. When the skin shows brown spots, it can be perceived as annoying. Evenly radiant skin is a much sought-after goal. The M.E.L.A. Resurfacing peel focuses on effectively destroying pigment deposits and age spots. We also combine this peel with special products for home use. The result is more even skin, and by properly protecting the skin, new spots can be prevented (in part).

    The CR Resurfacing Rosacea / redness peel

    The CR Resurfacing Rosacea / redness peel from pHformula addresses unwanted redness. The chronic skin condition rosacea involves uniform redness with visible blood vessels. This specially designed exfoliant is used to treat rosacea, couperose, and skin sensitiveness to redness. The peel is combined with home products to achieve a long-lasting even effect.

    Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam is affiliated with ANBOS

    We are affiliated with the ANBOS so this treatment can be reimbursed. If you have supplemental insurance and the treatment is used to treat acne or acne scarring you can submit your bill.

    Want to know more about the pHformula peel? Then make an appointment with our skin specialist for a personalized treatment plan.

  • What areas can we treat with the pHformula peeling

    At Skin Improvement Beauty Amsterdam, the pHformula peel can be used for the following treatment areas:

    • Face
    • Neck
    • Decollete
  • Treatment Plan

    After just 1 treatment, you will enjoy beautiful results. For optimal skin improvement and addressing indications such as pigmentation spots, acne, redness etc we recommend a treatment course. Every skin is different, so is every treatment plan. Typically, you can expect a 3 treatments course. This combined with the right home products. We cordially invite you to the clinic for a customized treatment plan. Say hello to the best version of your skin!

  • The result of a pHformula peel at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam

    Optimally hydrated and even skin is the basis for healthy and radiant skin. After just 1 pHformula peel, you will enjoy beautiful and radiant results. To improve the skin long-term and slow down the skin aging process to the maximum, we recommend scheduling a treatment course. In consultation with the skin specialist, we can draw up a personal treatment plan for you, according to your indication. In addition, the dermatologist will recommend the right products for home to achieve maximum and long-lasting results.

  • Prices

    The pHformula peel at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam can be booked from €85.

    For the full price list , click here.

  • Background pHformula

    pHformula’s skin resurfacing system is focused on the needs of your skin – whether it’s anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, chronic redness, acne or an instant boost. pHformula has a ”layer and leave-on technique,” most products applied are self-neutralizing and thus can remain on the skin without being timed. A selection of specifically formulated products are used at home for best results. The ”outside in” and ”inside out” philosophy ensures that powerful nutrients are put to work inside the skin, while your skin quickly recovers on the surface.

Frequently asked questions about the pHformula peel at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam

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