Observ 520 skin scan

Start your skin care plan with the Observ 520 skin scan

The first step to the right treatment plan for your skin is a comprehensive skin analysis. Every skin is different and therefore needs a personalized approach. Therefore, at Skin Improvement & Beauty, we start with an intake interview where an innovative skin scan is immediately performed with the Observ 520. The scan perfectly visualizes (future) skin problems so we can create a customized treatment plan for effective skin improvement.

Observ 520 skin scan

The skin scan is offered free of charge during a personal consultation

It may sound too good to be true, but the skin scan is free of charge at Skin Improvement & Beauty Amsterdam. A skin analysis with the skin scan OBSERV 520 normally costs €79, but at Skin Improvement & Beauty you can have it done free of charge. This is because we believe it is important to be able to create a targeted treatment plan, completely focused on your skin. In addition, the scans allow us to monitor and visualize results.

Wondering what your skin scan will show? Then contact us soon for an appointment.

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    How the Observ 520 skin scan works

    The Observ 520 takes as many as 6 different photos within 1 second. Each photo is taken in a different mode in order to identify certain skin conditions. Below explain the 6 different modes.

    • Daylight mode: Allows us to see what condition the skin is currently in.
    • True UV light: this allows us to identify whether (and if so to what extent) there is subcutaneous damage. True UV light also indicates the degree of (subcutaneous) pigmentation.
    • Simulated wood’s mode: this allows us to see what skin type you have such as dry skin or oily skin.
    • Parallel-polarized mode: this mode indicates whether you suffer from enlarged pores or high sebum production.
    • Cross-polarized mode: this mode focuses exclusively on facial redness, such as rosacea and couperoses.
    • Face tint mode: this mode shows the exact teint of your face. For example, this mode can also reveal possible yellowing, due to pigmentation.

    The beauty of the Observ 520 skin scan is that all the features of multiple layers of skin are nicely visualized. This allows us to create a perfectly matched treatment plan for the most beautiful results. By performing regular skin scans, we can also visualize the results of treatments.

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