Acne treatment

An even skin with the innovative Acne treatment at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam

Does acne bother you? Does it make you feel insecure? Acne is a common problem but fortunately it can be treated well and we can reduce and sometimes even prevent new outbreaks. It is important to treat acne promptly to prevent any scarring.

Acne treatment

The personalized Acne treatment at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam gives results

Acne can arise from a combination of diet and hormonal changes during the adolescent years. In addition, you may also have to deal with so-called “Adult Acne. Our skin contains glands, and these glands produce sebum. When these glands become clogged, pimples can form. What we often see is that Acne develops in the adolescent years and subsides around age 25. In addition, diet also affects any acne formation.

Possible causes for acne:

  • Hormonal changes during puberty
  • Medication such as the birth control pill, IUD or other drugs.
  • Contact with certain substances in cosmetics
  • Stress
  • Nutrition (think lactose products, pork, sugars or too many unhealthy fats)
  • The Acne treatment explained

    The treatment plan for Acne – tailored entirely to your skin

    In our clinic, we work with products from PHformula for Acne treatments. These products are based on the latest technology in skin renewal. Depending on the indication and the cause of your acne, we offer different treatments at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam. This treatment consists of a number of steps. In consultation with the dermatologist, we will determine which steps belong in your treatment plan.

    Step 1 E.X.F.O cleanse

    A mild exfoliating cleanser that effectively removes makeup and impurities without dehydrating the skin. This exfoliation helps to reduce redness and irritation and the overall health of the skin is effectively improved.

    Step 2 M.A.S.S.A.G.E. cream

    Healthy skin starts with good circulation. With a high-quality cream, we stimulate this blood flow and the skin’s absorption capacity will be improved. This unique cream contains rice bran oil and is rich in vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants.

    Step 3 Skin P.R.I.M.E.R

    Acne is caused by excessive sebum production. We apply an effective primer that degreases the skin without drying it out. This primer prepares the skin for the next steps so that all products will be maximally absorbed.

    Step 4 S.P complex

    This step focuses on improving the permeability of the skin. We achieve this by softening the stratum corneum a bit with a combination of Lactobionic Acid, Mandelic Acid and Hydroxypropionic Acid. We call this step the “preparation” peel.

    Step 5 A.C Resurfacing

    Now that the skin is optimally prepared, we can proceed with A.C Resurfacing peeling. This particular exfoliant specifically targets blackheads, papules and pimples. The peel gives a slight tingling sensation on the skin. This step is performed by applying a total of 3 coats of product.

    Step 6 A.D.V.A.N.C.E.D peel-off mask

    After the A.C Resurfacing peel, it is time to cool and soothe the skin. For this, we apply a rich mask that restores the skin’s beautiful balance.

    Step 7 V.I.T.A.C activator & powder

    This healing light cream is rich in L-ascorbic acid which improves collagen and elastin in the skin. Through its healing properties, it addresses signs of skin damage. This step helps achieve long-term skin improvement.

    Step 8 P.O.S.T recovery cream

    Acne treatment is an intensive treatment therefore it is important to provide the skin with maximum hydration. With the P.O.S.T recovery cream, we achieve maximum hydration. It helps to nourish dry skin and the cream has anti-inflammatory properties.

    Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam is affiliated with ANBOS

    We are affiliated with the ANBOS so this treatment can be reimbursed. If you have supplemental insurance and the treatment is used to treat acne or acne scarring you can submit your bill.

    Want to know more about the pHformula Acne treatment? Then make an appointment with our skin specialist for a personalized treatment plan.

  • What areas can we treat with the Acne pHformula treatment

    At Skin Improvement Beauty Amsterdam, the Acne pHformula treatment can be used for the following treatment areas:

    • Face
    • Neck
    • Decollete
  • Treatment Plan

    After just 1 treatment, the skin becomes more calm and you will notice improvement. For long-term results and prevention of new breakouts and scarring, we create an ongoing treatment plan. In consultation with the dermatologist, a plan is created to suit your skin. We cordially invite you to the clinic for a customized treatment plan. Say hello to the best version of your skin!

  • The result of the Acne treatment with pHformula at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam

    Optimally hydrated and even skin is the basis for healthy and radiant skin. The intensive and result-oriented Acne treatment helps restore and protect the skin in the future. In consultation with the skin specialist, we can create a personalized treatment plan for you according to the severity of the Acne. In addition, the dermatologist will recommend the right products for home to achieve maximum and long-lasting results.

  • Prices

    The pHformula Acne treatment at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam can be booked from €89.

    For the full price list , click here.

  • Background

    pHformula’s skin resurfacing system is focused on the needs of your skin – whether it’s anti-aging, hyperpigmentation, chronic redness, acne or an instant boost. pHformula has a ”layer and leave-on technique,” most products applied are self-neutralizing and thus can remain on the skin without being timed. A selection of specifically formulated products are used at home for best results. The ”outside in” and ”inside out” philosophy ensures that powerful nutrients are put to work inside the skin, while your skin quickly recovers on the surface.

Frequently asked questions about the pHformula Acne treatment at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam

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