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At Skin Improvement & Beauty, “ordinary” is a word you won´t find in our vocabulary. Priscilla Stoeltjes, the driving force behind the clinic, is a pioneer in the world of skin care. With her unique blend of flair and finesse, she has built a reputation as the go-to expert for cutting-edge treatments.

Skin Improvement & Beauty is always ahead of the curve, and you can tell by the offerings. Whether it’s the latest technological breakthroughs or the most innovative treatments, our clients know they will always find the most exclusive and effective options with us.

Priscilla and her team not only focus on providing clients with ultimate pampering but everyone enjoys sharing their passion and knowledge with others. Did you know that Skin Improvement & Beauty now teaches courses to other clinics? One of its specialties is the Inkless Stretch Mark Therapy treatment, for which the team has undergone various training courses in the USA.

At Skin Improvement & Beauty, you have come to the right place for slowing down the anti-aging process and the best skin improvement treatments for both face and body. Get that glow!

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Do you suffer from blemished skin or would you like to know everything about the condition of your skin? Our specialists will be happy to help you.


We offer a wide range of body treatments. Of course by using the latest innovations in equipments!


Of course, we have thought of the gentlemen as well! We have several treatments specifically designed for men.

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