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Craith Lab facials for your monthly skin upgrade

The objective of Craith Lab’s treatments are clear. The perfect care for your skin, no matter what condition it is in. To protect your skin, make it healthy and make it shine. Epigenitica,….. is the scientific key to solve skin problems and skin aging . Are you ready to make your skin shine at its best?

Craith lab

Craith Lab facial treatments bring every skin into an excellent condition.

With Craith Lab, discover the power of epigentic science in professional cosmetics. The brand has been engaged in developing the best anti-aging products for more than a quarter century. Only ingredients free of parabens, PEG´s, microplastics, silicones and mineral oils are used. Of course, the high-quality ingredients are not tested on animals because CRAITH LAB has a great love for animals. Each treatment is aimed at bringing the skin quality into optimal condition and protecting the skin from negative external effects as well as slowing down the skin aging process to the maximum. A Craith Lab facial is the ideal treatment to repeat monthly. A perfect time for self relaxation and giving your skin the best of the best. Within the Craith Lab range, we have the right customized treatment for every skin.

  • The Acne treatment explained

    Blue Line Treatments

    Craith Lab Blue LineCraith Lab Blue Line is absolutely unique. This line is characterized in solving skin problems through effective ingredients and probiotics that give maximum results in a very short period of time. This line is designed for young skin but also great for troubled and stressed adult skin.

    • For young skin
    • For troubled and stressed adult skin
    • Probiotics
    • Against clogged pores and blackheads
    • Restores moisture and fat balance

    Protective & Repair Facial

    This unique treatment will actively work on problematic skin. Sensitivities, acne, impurities and rosacea are addressed at the core of your skin thanks to the action of Probiotics. Your skin gets a true detox and recovers much faster.

    Balance Skin Facial

    This line is characterized in solving skin problems such as acne, blemishes and rosacea. We use effective ingredients and probiotics that provide maximum results in a very short period of time. The Blue Line is great for youthful skin, as well as mature, stressed skin.

    • Hydrating
    • Soothing
    • Protective

    Black Line Treatments

    Craith Lab Black Line products offer skin the ultimate protection through the use of epi genetics, the products are full of active ingredients that rejuvenate, protect and brighten the skin. This line is ideal for self-conscious men and women who want to achieve maximum results with a minimum amount of time. A busy lifestyle causes the skin to struggle. The ultimate glow is attainable.


    Craith Lab can capture and correct environmental and adverse effects. For this purpose EPI-Powershield3® was developed, 3 powerhouses to protect the skin and which ensure reduction of cell aging, activation of detoxification process of cells/skin and a smooth and staling skin.

    * Easy to use
    * EPI-Powershield3®
    * Reduction of cell aging
    * Activation of detoxification process of cells/skin
    * Smooth radiant skin

    Skin DNA Facial

    No exfoliant and toner are used during this facial. It is the facial for extremely dry skin.

    • Hydrating
    • Restorative
    • Protective
    • Reinforcing

    Hydrate Facial

    With this treatment we work on the rejuvenation of your skin and also work tremendously restorative and protective against the influences and impact caused by the environment. While enjoying pure oxygen and a blissful massage, your skin gets everything it needs to glow.

    Gold Line Treatments

    The Gold line with high-quality ingredients helps mature skin reach its highest potential. Radiant skin regardless of age, this line focuses on cell communication, epi genetics and rejuvenation, resulting in beautiful, firm and smooth skin.


    Gold Line products contain the EpiTECH® Formula. Unique peptides, with intelligent action, that protect, rejuvenate and give the skin an optimal appearance. The result: fewer fine lines, wrinkles, imperfections and stronger, smoother skin.

    * Less fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections
    * Stronger and smoother skin
    * EpiTECH®Formule
    * Protection against environmental damage
    * Rejuvenate the skin

    Golden Glow Facial

    This treatment brings out the best in your skin. Would you like to give your skin the best care? Thanks to this unique rejuvenating line, your skin has the best of the best. Your skin is hydrated and firmed thanks to a high concentration of active ingredients and, of course, thanks to the action of our unique collagen.

    Tightening Facial

    A facial treatment aimed specifically at mature skin. The goal? Hydrated, firmed and protected skin. With this treatment, your neck and décolletage will also be literally and figuratively highlighted.

    Summer Facial

    This facial boosts the skin and leaves it glowing. We work with regenerating ingredients to slow down skin aging. In addition, the skin is optimally moisturized and protected from UV-A & UV-B and infrared light. This facial is also great for dry skin.

    • Regenerating
    • Hydrating
    • Protective

    Bionetic Collagen facial

    The Bionetic treatment is suitable for women & men aged 50+, For ladies who have entered (pre) menopause, this really is a must have!

    It can be used on skins that also have especially many expression wrinkles. Think of the nose lip crease and the well-known crow’s feet. Because both products have a botox-like effect, the above-mentioned
    wrinkles are weakened & visibly reduced. The special thing about the Bionetic is that it is completely vegan & halal. The collagen is not of animal or plant origin. The vegan collagen was developed by a computer. This is called with in silco technology.

    This treatment pairs nicely with our new MFR Retinol treatment.

    Multi Phase Rejuvenation treatment

    As we age, our cells renew themselves more slowly. As a result, spots, blemishes and dull skin remain visible longer. The MFR Retinol treatment helps accelerate cell renewal. The entire skin improves as a result. More radiance, less blemishes and fewer wrinkles. With the MFR Retinol treatment, active ingredients stay in the skin longer and therefore work much deeper into the skin.

    This treatment is great for:

    • Acne skin
    • Pigmentation
    • Aging skin

    This treatment pairs nicely with our new Bionetic Collagen facial.

    Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam is affiliated with ANBOS

    We are affiliated with the ANBOS so this treatment can be reimbursed. If you have supplemental insurance and the treatment is used to treat acne or acne scarring you can submit your bill.

    Want to know more about Craith Lab treatments for acne? Then make an appointment with our skin specialist for a personalized treatment plan.

  • What areas can we treat with the Craith lab treatments

    At Skin Improvement Beauty Amsterdam, Craith Lab treatments can be used for the following treatment areas:

    • Face
    • Neck
    • Decollete
  • Treatment Plan

    After just 1 treatment, the skin becomes calmer and you will notice recovery. For long-term results and prevention of new breakouts and scarring, we create an ongoing treatment plan. In consultation with the dermatologist, a plan is created to suit your skin. We cordially invite you to the clinic for a customized treatment plan. Say hello to the best version of your skin!

  • The result of a Craith Lab facial at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam

    Optimally hydrated and even skin is the basis for healthy and radiant skin. After only 1 Craith Lab facial, you will enjoy beautiful and radiant results. You can count on healthier and a more radiant skin where fine lines and wrinkles will be less visible. To improve the skin long-term and slow down the skin aging process to the maximum, we recommend scheduling a treatment course. In consultation with the skin specialist, we can draw up a personal treatment plan for you, according to your indication. In addition, the dermatologist will recommend the right products for home to achieve maximum and long-lasting results.

  • Prices

    The pHformula peel at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam can be booked from €55.

    For the full price list , click here.

  • Background

    Craith lab was developed by experts in skincare and epigenetics, with a shared love for the skin. The experts at Craith lab have more than 30 years of experience in the industry. With the help of Craith lab’s products, anyone can have healthy, strong and radiant skin. Craith Lab’s skincare collections offer a solution for every skin type, every skin problem and every age.

Frequently asked questions about the Craith Lab treatments at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam

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