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As we age, we experience skin sagging, wrinkles, blemishes and volume loss. Depending on lifestyle, external influences can make this skin aging process different from person to person. The fact is that we all face skin aging. On the skin surface, skin aging manifests itself in pigmentation, redness and wrinkles. From within, we notice skin sagging and volume loss which can cause a tired look. The most booked skin rejuvenation laser treatment at Skin Improvement & Beauty Amsterdam is the erbium laser treatment. Step back in time and enjoy tighter, smoother and plumper skin. Hello younger version of you!

Erbium laser treatment

The erbium laser treatment at Skin Improvement & Beauty in Amsterdam makes the skin more even

Skin aging manifests itself not only in fine and deep wrinkles, but also in sagging, enlargement of skin texture, pigmentation spots and sallow skin tone. Skin aging occurs due to a loss of elastin and collagen, the connective tissue fibers that provide tensile strength and firmness. The rate at which the skin ages depends on many factors, including hereditary predisposition, lifestyle and the degree of exposure to UV radiation.

At Skin Improvement & Beauty, the fractional erbium laser treatment allows us to set time back a by slightly reversing the signs of skin aging. The nice thing about erbium laser treatment is that it addresses a variety of indications. Therefore, this treatment is also a real favorite in our offerings. The skin itself is put to work after the treatments to produce more collagen so that the skin can effectively repair and strengthen itself.

  • The Erbium laser Treatment Explained.

    Indications erbium laser treatment at Skin Improvement & Beauty in Amsterdam

    Indications we treat with the erbium laser treatment are:

    • Improve skin structure
    • Reduction of wrinkles and fine lines
    • Reduction of scars
    • Boost collagen production for skin volume restoration
    • Improvement in skin elasticity
    • Reduction of pigmentation
    • Reduction of redness

    Erbium laser for treating scars:

    In addition to skin improvement, the fractional laser is also used to treat scars. The laser improves the structure of the skin and has an “abrasive” effect on hypertrophic (thickened) scars whereby the skin flattens.

    For atrophic (deepened) scars, it has a firming and thickening effect, filling the scars. This makes acne scars, for example, very treatable.

    Depending on the indication and skin quality, 1-3 treatments are needed to achieve the desired results. Sometimes an annual repeat treatment may be necessary for optimal results.

    The erbium laser treatment explained

    The erbium laser treatment is an innovative facial treatment performed in 3 steps at Skin Improvement & Beauty Amsterdam.

    • Cleansing the skin and applying a gel & you get to wear protective glasses, too
    • Treating the skin with the Harmony XL Pro Essential
    • Cleansing the skin and applying day care and SPF

    The erbium laser treatment can be perceived as sensitive. During the treatment, you may feel “little pinpricks” on the skin. The skin is cooled and cared for with Aloe Vera gel after the laser treatment. If necessary, a numbing cream may be applied. After the treatment, small scabs may appear on the treated area. It is important not to scratch; the scabs will fall off on their own. It is also very important to stay out of the sun after treatment.

  • What areas can we treat with the laser

    What areas can we treat with the erbium laser treatment

    At Skin Improvement & Beauty Amsterdam, the erbium laser treatment can basically be used on the entire body. The treatment is mainly used for:

    • Face
    • Neck
    • Hands
  • Treatment Plan

    Depending on the indication and skin quality, 1-3 treatments are needed to achieve the desired results. Sometimes an annual repeat treatment may be necessary for optimal results.

  • The result of the Erbium Laser treatment at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam

    Fractional laser treatments blur fine lines and give the skin a more even and fresh appearance. Skin blood flow is improved and wrinkles become less deep. However, results vary from person to person. Within a few days to 2 weeks, you will see a beautiful improvement in skin texture and tone. The final result takes time and is not visible until later. This is because the process of collagen formation takes time, the treatment puts the body itself to work to form more collagen. At least three months after a cure, you can only see the final effect of the treatment. The new tissue created by the skin will not disappear, this makes the results long lasting / permanent. Of course, the aging process of the skin cannot be stopped and you will have to maintain the results.

  • Prices

    The erbium laser treatment at Skin Improvement & Beauty in Amsterdam can be booked from € 190, – for half face.

    For the full price list , click here.

  • Background

    The erbium laser treatment is performed with the Harmony XL Pro Essential. The nice thing about this laser is that the practitioner can work very precisely. Only the areas to be treated can be targeted while not affecting the surrounding skin. The Harmony XL Pro Essential is a clinically tested non-ablative laser. The treatment is absolutely safe and has been used for years by the best beauty clinics worldwide.

Frequently asked questions about the erbium laser treatment at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam

  • When will I see the results of erbium laser treatment?

    After about 1-2 weeks after the treatment, you will see the first results directly on the skin surface. The skin will appear more even. The long-lasting effects require some time because the body starts making its own collagen and this process takes time. After several months, the skin will be visibly firmed and feel plumper. Several treatments may be required depending on the indication.

  • Is erbium laser treatment a painful treatment?

    The treatment is somewhat painful. A numbing cream can be applied if desired. Immediately after treatment, the skin can be cooled with a cool pack and an Aloe Vera gel.

  • Can erbium laser treatment be undergone during the summer period?

    It is basically allowed, provided the skin is not exposed to the sun in the weeks following the treatment. We recommend treatment before or after the summer months.

  • Does the erbium laser treatment have a downtime?

    After pigment treatment the skin may be a little red from the heat, you may cool this at home with a cool pack. Localized swelling may also occur. The redness and any swelling will subside within a few days. In the days following treatment, the pigment spots may darken and some crusting may occur. In 1-2 weeks, the scabs will disappear and the skin will recolor. UV protection should always be carefully considered during the treatment process. The skin should not be exposed to the sun or tanning bed without protection for one month after the treatment. Otherwise, there is a risk of new pigmentation in the treated area.

  • How often should I repeat the erbium laser operation?

    An average of 1-3 laser treatments are required to achieve the desired end result. During the intake interview, the practitioner will create a personalized treatment plan for you. During this consultation you will receive advice on the number of treatments, the expected results, the necessary aftercare and the cost.

  • Can the treatment be performed in combination with other treatments?

    Every treatment plan is different. Fractional laser treatment is the most intensive therapy against skin aging. Different lasers can be used with different purposes. The practitioner will prepare a customized treatment plan for you.

  • How can I best prepare for erbium laser treatment?

    It is important to inform the practitioner of your medical history prior to treatment. Here it is also important to mention medication use because some medications do not mix well with the laser’s light. In addition, it is important to stay out of the sun for at least 2-4 weeks before treatment, as well as 4 weeks after treatment.

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