Inkless Stretch Mark Therapy Treatment

The clinic Skin Improvement & Beauty provides the official training in the Netherlands for the following treatment: Inkless Stretch Mark Therapy Treatment.

At Skin Improvement & Beauty, we are proud to be the first clinic in the Netherlands to introduce the revolutionary treatment “Inkless Stretch Mark Therapy Treatment,” directly from Miami, praised by many celebrities. Finally say goodbye to stretch marks and hello to radiant, flawless skin. Do you want to offer this treatment in your clinic too? Then you can follow the official training with us, the only one in the Netherlands. Owner Priscilla and her team have undergone various training in the USA to train other clinics. Within the training, you will also receive the official equipment and serums so you can start working in your own clinic right away.

Why offer the treatment in your salon?

  1. Meet the demand: Offer clients a solution to stretch marks they are looking for and expand your client base.
  2. Lucrative margins: Benefit from attractive profit margins and improve the financial health of your salon.
  3. Diversify your offerings: Add a valuable treatment to your portfolio and distinguish yourself from the competition.
  4. Customer satisfaction: Help clients restore their confidence and improve their skin, leading to satisfied and returning customers.
  5. Expansion opportunities: The treatment allows for repeated sessions, increasing the likelihood of repeat visits.
  6. Professional recognition: Position your salon as a leading center for advanced skincare and treatments.

Testimonials from Students

Noortje Lindeman-Bruijns
Highly recommend taking a course with Priscilla. Her enthusiasm is contagious, learned a lot from her. Even after the course, she is there for all your questions or tips. This ensures that you can start your new challenge with a good feeling.
Robin Schonk
I experienced the course at Skin Improvement Beauty as pleasant! I received 1-on-1 training from Priscilla. I didn’t have all the knowledge regarding the skin, etc., but everything was clearly explained to me. There were also enough practice models provided. Even after the training, you can always send Priscilla a message if you have any questions! Personal and good guidance!
Debby Vreeken
What a fun, educational, and beautiful course! I have learned a lot and you can ask all questions, Priscilla has a lot of knowledge which makes you feel very confident when you learn from her. It’s an intensive day but in a very relaxed way. I enjoyed it and am starting a very beautiful new phase in my life. Thank you Pris!

Training Details:

  • Total Price: €2,050
  • Includes:
    • Course material and certificate
    • Full treatment kit worth €1,039.95
      • Equipment: €500
      • Supplies: €300
      • Treatment serum: €200
      • Aftercare: €39.95
      • Extra team member training €500 (without kit)

Revenue Model:

  • Recommended treatment price: starting from €450,-
  • With just 4-5 treatments, you will recoup the training costs.
  • With the treatment serum, you can perform more than 50 treatments, resulting in a potential earning of €22,500.

In short, our Inkless Stretch Mark Therapy training not only provides valuable knowledge and skills but also offers a solid revenue model that allows you to make a quick profit. Don’t hesitate to sign up and start your path to success!

Benefits of Inkless Stretch Mark Therapy treatment

Inkless Technique

This means no risk of ink-related complications, only our safe and effective vitamin formula.

Skin Tightening

The treatment helps to make the skin more elastic and firmer. Boost that collagen.

Visible Results

Clients have experienced significant improvements in the appearance of their stretch marks after just one session.

FDA Approved

The treatment is supported by the FDA, ensuring your safety and peace of mind.


The treatment is non-surgical, making it a convenient and comfortable option. The treatment is not painful.

Our Expertise

Our team has undergone extensive training in Miami and is now the top expert in the Netherlands to perform this effective treatment for stretch marks.

Why take the training?

  1. Innovation from Miami: Learn the latest, FDA-approved treatment directly from Miami, a hotspot for beauty and innovation.
  2. In-Demand Treatment: Meet the growing demand from clients seeking effective stretch mark treatments.
  3. Professional Training: Receive comprehensive, professional training from industry experts and become a recognized specialist.
  4. Includes equipment and products: The course includes the necessary equipment and products, allowing you to start immediately.
  5. Marketing Support: Benefit from our extensive marketing plan to promote your salon and the treatment.
  6. Increase your revenue: Add a popular treatment to your service offering and increase your revenue potential.
  • How do stretch marks develop

    Stretch marks, also known as “striae distensae” or “stretch marks,” occur as a result of the stretching of the skin. These thin, line-shaped scars form when the skin is exposed to rapid and significant changes in size or tension. The most common causes of stretch marks are pregnancy, rapid growth during adolescence, weight gain or loss, and hormonal changes. When the body grows or changes too quickly, the elastic fibers in the skin can break, resulting in the characteristic line-shaped scars. Stretch marks can occur on various parts of the body, such as the abdomen, thighs, breasts, buttocks, and hips, and their occurrence can vary from person to person. If you suffer from stretch marks, we now finally offer a treatment that really works!

  • What does the Inkless Stretch Mark Therapy Treatment involve?

    The Inkless Stretch Mark Therapy Treatment, also known as ISR and MCA, is an innovative and FDA-approved treatment designed to improve the appearance of stretch marks. This treatment is the result of years of experience and expertise and has resulted in a unique blend of vitamins and minerals. Using organic ingredients, this treatment targets essential factors for skin rejuvenation, such as cell renewal, collagen reconstruction and improvement of elasticity.

  • How does it work?

    The heart of the Inkless Stretch Mark Therapy Treatment is a patented FDA-approved serum with a blend of vitamins and organic oils. This serum is applied directly to the skin using a device consisting of tiny needles, allowing the serum to be deeply infused into the skin to nourish and rejuvenate the dermal layers. What makes this treatment truly exceptional is that it is completely ink-free, meaning no ink is used during the process. Instead, it’s the exclusive vitamin formula that works its magic to minimize the appearance of stretch marks. The treatment is well-tolerated and generally not perceived as painful.

  • Downtime

    In the first few days after the treatment, the skin may be a bit red, and afterward, it may start to peel. This is a good sign because it means the skin is renewing itself. It’s important to avoid the sun both before and after the treatment. After the treatment, a soothing lotion is applied to promote skin recovery. No further home care products are needed.

  • Results That Speak for Themselves

    The Inkless Stretch Mark Therapy Treatment has shown stunning results. After just one session, it can reduce the appearance of stretch marks by 30% to 100%. This remarkable result makes it a highly sought-after solution for those desiring smooth, even skin. For some clients, a second session may be desired to achieve their desired results, which applies to approximately 40% of our clients. The second session takes place after about 4-10 weeks, depending on the indication and the skin’s recovery capacity.

Training Package

  1. The training takes 1 day, consisting of theory and demonstration of the treatment.
  2. You will receive the equipment to start immediately in your salon.
  3. You will receive the FDA-approved serum for at least 50 treatments.
  4. You will receive all documentation from the course.

Training Price

€ 2,050,-

Book your course today and start 2024 with a beautiful new treatment in your offerings. Erase the trace!

Inschrijven training - Inkless Stretch Mark Therapy
€ 2.050
€ 500