Cellulite is often popularly called orange peel, cellulite can be recognized by the dimples pits and bumps usually on the legs or buttocks. A problem many women face.

Cellulite occurs worldwide in more than 85% of women after puberty. The symptoms of cellulite are a lumpy skin texture, often on the (upper) legs and buttocks. 92% Of women have cellulite on the legs, 74% of women have buttocks with cellulite a common skin appearance so many women want to get rid of.

How does cellulite appear on your legs and buttocks?

Many people think that being overweight is the main cause of cellulite. But that’s not correct. Cellulite, results from an ongoing problem under the skin surface of your legs and buttocks. The culprits are the connective tissue strands that connect the skin to the underlying connective tissue. These pull the skin down causing you to see dimples in your legs or cellulite on your buttocks. Cellulite, therefore, does not necessarily result from being overweight.

What causes cellulite to develop?

There are several factors that influence the development of cellulite. Whether cellulite is present or visible can range from mild, moderate to severe. These include:


  • heredity
  • hormones
  • weight change
  • lifestyle

How can cellulite be treated?

In our salon, we can treat cellulite in a variety of ways.

  • LPG endermologie
    Endermology is a cell stimulation treatment developed by LPG. Subcutaneous cells are stimulated to release fats and produce collagen. The precision of the device allows for very targeted treatment of certain areas. Moreover, the production of collagen ensures wrinkle-free and youthful skin. Endermology treatment is 100% safe and not painful. This allows you to lose fat quickly and permanently without surgery.
  • Deep tissue massage
    A connective tissue massage is a massage technique that reaches the deeper layers of skin. This technique improves blood flow to the skin and can reduce subcutaneous adhesions and cellulite. The massage allows the skin to produce additional collagen and become firmer.

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