Couperose treatment

Choose even skin without redness with our laser treatment for couperose

Our body is made up of thousands of tiny blood vessels. When multiple red vessels can be seen on the face, it is referred to as couperose. We can treat the skin condition couperose very well with our laser. The result is a more even skin and you no longer have to hide blemishes with foundation.

Couperose treatment

The laser treatment for couperose at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam makes the skin more even

Want to reduce red vessels and general skin redness? Then choose a laser treatment at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam. We work with the Harmony XL Pro Essential, with this innovative laser we can effectively treat the deeper layers of skin and the device allows the practitioner to treat with millimeter precision.

Using a special wavelength, one specific target in the skin is reached such as the vessels. In the process, the surrounding tissue is not damaged. The most effective way to treat couperose is to use a vascular laser. The laser light absorbs into hemoglobin in the vessels. The energy heats this to the point where the vessels stick together. The natural healing process ensures that the vessels are removed in the body and the redness disappears.

The Laser Treatment for couperose addresses the following indications:

  • Red vessels
  • Redness of the skin
  • The couperose treatment explained

    The laser treatment for couperose is an innovative facial treatment that is performed in 3 steps at Skin Improvement Beauty Amsterdam.

    • Cleansing the skin and applying a gel
    • Treating the skin with the Harmony XL Pro Essential
    • Cleansing the skin and applying day care and SPF

    Laser treatment of couperose can be perceived as slightly sensitive. During the treatment, you may feel “little pinpricks” on the skin. Small scabs may appear after treatment. This is not the case with everyone.

    What you can do yourself to prevent rosacea

    Basically, couperose cannot be prevented but there are things you can do to reduce the reappearance of couperose. Factors such as stress, free radicals, chemicals, spicy foods and strong temperature changes can aggravate couperose. So try to avoid these factors as much as possible and make sure you have a good skincare routine with daily SPF and a good moisturizer.

  • What areas can we treat with the Cold Clearlift laser treatment

    At Skin Improvement Beauty Amsterdam, the laser treatment can be used for the following treatment areas:

    • Face (including eyes)
    • Eyes
    • Neck
    • Body (couperose usually occurs on the face)
  • Treatment Plan

    Depending on the indication and skin quality, 2-6 treatments are needed to reduce/remove red vessels and redness. However, couperose can come back which is why we recommend an annual repeat treatment for optimal results.

  • The result of a Couperose laser treatment at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam

    The results of the Couperose laser treatment are quickly visible. In the days following treatment, some scabs may appear. When the scabs fall off the skin you will see improvement in the redness. The skin is more even. Several treatments may be required depending on the degree of redness. Couperose can come back. We therefore recommend scheduling occasional maintenance treatments. The practitioner will prepare a counseling plan for you.

  • Prices

    The couperose laser treatment at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam can be booked from € 40,- per vessel.

    For the full price list , click here.

  • Background

    The laser treatment for couperose is performed with the Harmony XL Pro Essential. The nice thing about this laser is that the practitioner can work very precisely. Only the redness or red vessels are treated while the surrounding skin is not affected. The Harmony XL Pro Essential is a clinically tested non-ablative laser. The treatment is absolutely safe and has been used for years by the best beauty clinics worldwide.

Frequently asked questions about the couperose laser treatment at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam

  • When will I see the results of the rosacea laser treatment?

    After about 1-2 weeks after treatment, you will see the results. Once the scabs have fallen off the skin you will notice that the skin is more even and less red. Several treatments may be required depending on the indication.

  • Is the rosacea laser treatment a painful treatment?

    The treatment is not very painful; it feels like small pinpricks on the skin. Immediately after treatment, the skin can be cooled with a cool pack.

  • Can the laser treatment for couperose also be undergone in the summer period?

    It is basically allowed, provided the skin is not exposed to the sun in the weeks following the treatment. We recommend treatment before or after the summer months.

  • Does the laser treatment for couperose has a downtime?

    After the treatment of rosacea, the skin may be a little red from the heat; you may cool this at home with a cool pack. The redness often subsides after a few hours. UV protection should always be carefully considered during the treatment process for couperose. The skin should not be exposed to the sun or tanning bed without protection for one month after the treatment. Otherwise, there is a risk of pigmentation in the treated area. We recommend taking it easy on sports for up to 4 days after treatment, trying to limit bending and not going to the sauna. Strong temperature changes can easily cause the vessels to reopen.

  • How often should I repeat the Laser treatment?

    To properly reduce the skin condition couperose, an average course of 6 laser treatments are required. It is also possible that the vessels may go away after only 2 or 3 laser treatments. During the intake interview, the practitioner will create a personalized treatment plan for you. During this consultation you will receive advice on the number of treatments, the expected results, the necessary aftercare and the cost.

  • Can the treatment be performed in combination with other laser treatments?

    Every treatment plan is different. Therefore, always discuss your needs and goals with the practitioner.

  • Contraindications for undergoing rosacea laser treatment

    The laser treatment works in the deeper layers of skin. Because of this, we have to deal with several contraindications. These contraindications are discussed during the intake interview, as well as the risks and possible side effects. The laser treatment is not suitable for people with the following contraindications:

    • Use of skin-thinning products such as tretinoin (vitamin A acid) or Isotretinoin (roaccutane)
    • Pregnancy
    • Breastfeeding
    • Recently undergoing peels
    • (Skin) cancer
    • Vitiligo
    • Psoriasis
    • Certain forms of antibiotics, antidepressants and St. John’s wort

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