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Facials for men

The perfect facial for men

With us, men can get the best facials. Men’s skin is different and we adapt our treatments accordingly. We have developed a short and effective facial especially for the somewhat thicker skin. There are also several more intensive treatments available to improve the skin and delay skin aging.

Facial treatment men

This Mini facial is specially focused on cleansing and detoxifying the face. Ideal for giving a quick refresher to the skin. In this treatment, we will perform 4 operations with a treatment time of 45 minutes. These include thoroughly cleansing the face, foiling, removing impurities and soothing the skin through a mask. After the treatment, of course, they apply day care and spf.

  • Facial for men explained

    Resurfacing peel

    A resurfacing peel from pHformula is a peel and care in one.
    If you have had tradiotional, chemical peels before, you will notice the difference immediately. In fact, pHformula’s peels are a lot gentler on your skin and at least as effective. Instead of walking around for days with red and often painful skin, you now walk out of the salon with a presentable and pleasant-feeling face. Not only that, after the first peel, you will notice the difference immediately. Your skin will soften and look healthier.

    Is it your first time wanting to undergo a peel? Then book a free skin analysis first.

    Deep tissue massage

    A connective tissue massage provides visible skin improvement as well as being very relaxing. It gives the skin a lifting effect, improves skin tone, bleeding through and makes fine lines less visible.

    We also offer medical treatments such as:

  • Can this treatment be declared?

    We are affiliated with the ANBOS so this treatment can be reimbursed. If you have supplementary insurance and the treatment is for acne or acne scarring, you can submit it. After paying at the salon, you will receive an invoice that you could submit the same day.

  • Prices

    The mini facial at Skin Improvement Beauty in Amsterdam can be booked from €60.

    For the full price list , click here.

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