My Skin Improvement & Beauty experience (pigment treatment)

My facial treatment at Skin Improvement & beauty

How did you come to Skin improvement & Beauty for treatment (consultation, through someone else)?
I was looking for a salon near me (Zaandam) when I searched Skin Improvement and &beauty came up as the best.

What treatment did you undergo?
I myself suffer from pigmentation on the face which I found very annoying. Through the results of the scan, this was also readily apparent and we opted for the M.E.L.A Resurfacing (treatment against pigmentation)

Why this treatment?
I found the pigmentation spots on my face very distracting.

How did you experience the treatment?
Some may think this treatment as intense because it is also done by peeling, the characteristics of a peel is of course burning and peeling. Even so, I found it to be very not too bad.

How does the treatment feel ?
The treatment feels firm. Personally, I always like that very much.

How does the skin feel right after the treatment ?
My skin felt nice right after the treatment. As time passed, my skin became drier and drier and felt tighter. I was clearly told that this was part of the treatment because this involves removing the top layer of pigmentation.

How was the contact with practitioners?
I really enjoyed the contact with the practitioners. Because my skin was going through such a change in terms of tightening and peeling, I was nervous if this was the way it was supposed to be. I was guided all the way through the after period and the practitioners had really taken their time.

Was the treatment and contact satisfactory?
I am extremely happy and satisfied with the result. What a wonderful salon and a top-notch team!