Discover our new brand: Craith LAB

Discover our new brand: Craith Lab

Mission and Vision

The skin is constantly moving and constantly interacting with the environment we live in, the skin protects you from the outside world, but who protects your skin?

The conversation is no longer just about anti-aging, but about the fact that the environment and environment are causing increasingly severe effects on our skin. This causes tremendous oxidative stress to the skin.

If we could give our skin a voice it would cry out “please protect me.” That’s why there is now the ” Craith Lab” brand.

Epi genetics

Scientific studies on epi genetics (the field within genetics that studies the influence of reversible heritable changes in gene function) indicate that the environment does not treat our skin kindly. Craith Lab has looked at our skin in a whole new way and turned the accumulated knowledge and expertise into an innovative and results-oriented skin improvement line. Protecting the skin barrier is an absolute must for Craith Lab and this is reflected in all its products. Craith lab achieves this by focusing entirely on cell communication, epi genetics and skin rejuvenation. With Craith lab, skin is healthy, radiant and wrinkle-free for as long as possible and you experience epi genetic science in professional cosmetics.

Craith lab consists of three different lines.

Craith Lab Blue Line

Craith Lab Blue Line is absolutely unique. This line is characterized in solving skin problems through effective ingredients and probiotics that give maximum results in a very short period of time. This line is designed for young skin but also great for troubled and stressed adult skin.

* For young skin
* For troubled and stressed adult skin
* Probiotics
* Against clogged pores and blackheads
* Restores moisture and fat balance

Craith Lab Black Line

Craith Lab Black Line products offer skin the ultimate in protection through the use of epi genetics, the products are full of active ingredients that rejuvenate, protect and brighten the skin. This line is ideal for self-conscious men and women who want to achieve maximum results with a minimum amount of time. A busy lifestyle causes the skin to struggle. Still, the ultimate glow is attainable.
Craith Lab can capture and correct environmental and adverse effects. For this purpose EPI-Powershield3® was developed, 3 powerhouses to protect the skin and which ensure reduction of cell aging, activation of detoxification process of cells/skin and a smooth and staling skin.

* Easy to use
* EPI-Powershield3®
* Reduction of cell aging
* Activation of detoxification process of cells/skin
* Smooth radiant skin

Craith Lab Gold Line

The Gold line with high-quality ingredients helps mature skin reach its highest potential. Radiant skin regardless of age, This line focuses on cell communication, epi genetics and rejuvenation, resulting in beautiful, firm and smooth skin.
Gold Line products contain the EpiTECH® Formula. Unique peptides, with intelligent action, that protect, rejuvenate and give the skin an optimal appearance. The result: fewer fine lines, wrinkles, imperfections and stronger, smoother skin.

* Less fine lines, wrinkles and imperfections
* Stronger and smoother skin
* EpiTECH®Formule
* Protection against environmental damage
* Rejuvenate the skin