Skin improvement: The new generation of peels.

Skin improvement: The new generation of peels.

All of pHformula’s innovations in skin improvement are based on the latest technology in skin renewal. This makes pHformula products unique in professional skin improvement. They offer your skin specialist special opportunities to achieve the maximum results.

pHformula’s innovative Skin Resurfacing System contains active ingredients of pharmaceutical origin. This resurfacing peel from pHformula works deep into the tissue. The pHformula Pre and Post products optimize the results of treatments. pHformula provides a formula specifically tailored to your skin that transports active ingredients into the skin: this is restructuring the skin addressing the problem from the inside and out.

The unique combination of dermatological ingredients focuses on multiple skin problems, including skin aging, sensitivity, acne, rosacea and hyperpigmentation

Skin products

Most pHformula products do not need to be removed or neutralized after application to the skin. They remain on the skin that it can absorb and process itself.

Tailoring in layers

Different products can be combined into a treatment where the skin specialist monitors the strength and depth of action of the products. This depends on the number of layers applied and the techniques used.

Optimal formulas for pre- and post-support

A treatment method tailored to the individual for maximum results also includes a home care program that prepares the skin or completes the treatment. These pre- and post products are all based on the unique PH-DVC™ complex. This ensures the highest possible results and monitors longer-term maintenance.

Beautiful result: from the inside out and from the outside in

Taking skin improvement to the next level, pHformula introduces the outside-in and inside-out philosophy. Advanced dermatological skin renewal methods work from the outside in, while powerful nourishing actives inside help the skin with rapid recovery.

AC Resurfacing

Intensive exfoliation for problematic, oily acne skin

AGE Resurfacing

Intensive exfoliation to greatly reduce wrinkles around the eyes, mouth, neck and décolleté.

MELA Resurfacing

Intensive exfoliation for destroying pigment deposits and age spots.

CR Resurfacing

Treatment specially designed for sensitive, rosacea and rosacea skin.