Just in time for summer! Discover our newest product SunControl! We are the first clinic in the Netherlands to offer SunControl; the latest innovation in SPF. Under the lid of this sunscreen is a UV sensor that measures the strength of the sun. When exposed to the sun, the color of the strip changes within seconds based on the UV strength. With four simple steps, SunControl helps you stay in the sun without damaging your skin. All you have to do is measure the UV intensity, identify your skin color and then read from the table how long you can safely stay in the sun. SunControl moisturizes the skin and gives a fine glow so you can safely glow in the sun.


Safe tanning is made easy with SunControl. Finally, an SPF that provides exactly what your skin needs for optimal protection. SPF is the single most important product for your skin because an SPF protects the skin from pigmentation and premature skin aging, among other things.

SunControl is patented and has won several awards. Recommended by Cancerhjälpen (Cancer Organization) in Sweden.

  • SPF30 with 97% UVB protection
  • +UVA protection
  • Hydrating formula
  • Gentle for sensitive skin
  • Water and sweat resistant

Active ingredients:

VITAMIN A – Natural antioxidant that helps the skin absorb moisture and restore its natural barrier function.

SODIUM ALMOND OIL – Has nourishing and soothing properties and is especially suitable for sensitive and burnt skin.

CARANYA OIL – Has anti-aging effect and emollient properties. Also acts as natural UV protection.

ECTOINE – A natural, moisturizing ingredient. Also protects skin from stress from light and pollution.

BETAÏNE – Is a simple, natural molecule found in beets. Has exceptional moisturizing properties.


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