mesoestetic skin balance

Intensive concentrate with soothing action for sensitive and hypersensitive skin. Strengthens the skin’s immune system, microbiota and barrier function.
Concentrate with soothing effect and high skin tolerance. Soothes symptoms associated with sensitive and hypersensitive skin, localized redness, itching and irritation. With antioxidants and rebalancing ingredients that promote the balance of the microbiota and strengthen the skin’s natural defense system. CALming ACTION: Thanks to the combination and synergy of active ingredients of plant origin, it provides an immediate soothing effect and reduces redness. REGENERATIVE ACTION: Panthenol, together with extract of aloe vera and calendula, stimulates cell renewal processes to strengthen the skin and its barrier function. BIO-BALANCING: the presence of a prebiotic promotes the balance of the microbiota and the presence of beneficial bacteria to strengthen the skin’s natural defense system. ANTIOXIDANT: tetrapeptide-2 provides protection against oxidation produced by major reactive species by daily exposure to external agents.


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