Cell First Let’s protect


With the Cell First you ensure that the skin and cells are optimally protected and nourished from the inside by means of various antioxidants, among other things. Because we have to deal more and more with stress, exhaust fumes, a degraded environment, food that has been processed, etc. everyone can use some extra protection and vitamins and minerals. Secretly, we break down more important processes in our body and skin than we would like because of these bad influences (from outside). We often see this reflected in our skin early on.

✓A complete blend of antioxidants
✓Optimal protection of the skin from the inside out
✓Your UV protection layer from the inside out
✓Easy to take


Take one level scoop per day, with your breakfast.
Mix with water, juice or a smoothie.

A varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle are important. Dietary supplements are not a substitute, but a supplement to daily nutrient needs.

Active ingredients:
Nutritional value – Content per scoop – % RI*
Chlorella pyrenoidosa – 100 mg
Arthrospia platensis (spirulina) – 100 mg
Immunoglobulins (from colostrum) – 100 mg
N-acetyl l-cysteine – 75 mg
Resveratrol (Polygonum cuspidatum) – 50 mg
Punica Granatum L – 50 mg
Quercetin – 35 mg
Alpha lipoic acid – 25 mg
Beta-carotene – 2 mg
Lycopene – 500 μg
Vitamin C – 100 mg – 125%
Vitamin E – 100 mg – 833.3%.
Vitamin D3 – 12.5 μg – 250%.
Zinc – 12.5 mg – 125%.
Copper – 0.75 mg – 75%
*RI = reference intake

Suitable for vegetarians and suitable for children* (12 years and older). Basically suitable in case of pregnancy, but always consult an expert in case of pregnancy and lactation to be sure.
*Well, we are required by law to issue a warning for products containing more than 20 μg of vitamin D per daily dose.


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