My Skin Improvement & Beauty experience (acne treatment)

My facial treatment at Skin Improvement & Beauty

How did you come to Skin improvement & Beauty for treatment (consultation, through someone else)?
I had always come to Priscilla. First through her old job and now, of course, in her own salon.

What treatment did you undergo?
First, we also had a skin scan done on me, from this scan it showed that I was a good candidate for AC resurfacing.

Why this treatment?
Of myself, I already have somewhat oily skin, from the results of the scan my subcutaneous inflammation was also visible.

How did you experience the treatment?
Despite the fact that the treatment also consists partly of peeling I experienced it as very pleasant. My practitioner guided me well throughout the treatment.

How does the treatment feel ?
The treatment actually feels like a wonderful cleansing treatment, the bit of exfoliation I experienced as slightly tingly.

How does the skin feel right after the treatment ?
My skin felt wonderfully soft and clean, I walked out the door with lovely, fresh and healthy skin.

How was the contact with practitioners?
The practitioner was very friendly and very professional. I had indicated that I had undergone 1 other peel at another well-known salon, but was very shocked by the pain. Therefore, I was extremely happy that this was picked up right away and I was guided very calmly for treatment. This peel is very doable!

Was the treatment and contact satisfactory?
It was certainly satisfactory. I would really recommend this salon to others!