Hands & Feet (Men)

Pedicure men

Groomed feet for men

Our pedicure treatments are not just for women. Men also deserve the benefits of healthy and well-groomed feet. So you can step into your slippers with confidence during the summer. In addition, a pedicure also helps with various discomforts of the feet and nails.

Why a pedicure

  1. Reduce discomfort and pain: Many men experience problems such as calluses, corns or ingrown toenails, which can lead to sore feet and mobility problems. Our pedicure treatments effectively treat these problems and provide relief.
  2. Improve foot hygiene: Men tend to be active and sweat more, making their feet susceptible to bacterial and fungal infections. Our pedicure treatments thoroughly clean, disinfect and care for feet, help prevent infections and ensure good foot hygiene.
  3. Well-groomed appearance and self-confidence: Well-groomed feet not only make a beautiful impression, but also increase self-confidence. Whether in professional situations, social events or intimate moments, our pedicure treatments improve the appearance of feet and help men feel comfortable.
  4. Relaxation and stress relief: A pedicure treatment offers not only care, but also relaxation. Feet are massaged and pampered, reducing stress and tension. It is a moment of self-care and time for yourself, which is essential for well-being.
  • Medical pedicure men

    Many medical conditions bring specific complications to the feet. Consider skin conditions, rheumatism and diabetes. These feet need special care in such a case. Our medical pedicurist is specially trained and licensed to treat these complications.

    A medical pedicure includes the following actions:

      • Disinfecting the feet and nails
      • Foot Analysis
      • Clipping the nails
      • Taking care of and cleaning the nail environment
      • Treating thickened and/or ingrown toenails
      • Treating fissures
      • Removal of calluses and/or corns
      • Mechanical finishing (wet-free technology)
      • Small foot massage using a nourishing foot cream
      • Aftercare advice
  • Can this treatment be declared?

    We are affiliated with the Provoet so medical treatment can be reimbursed. If you have diabetes, Rheumatism or have supplementary insurance, it is often reimbursed. After payment at the salon, you will receive an invoice to submit the same day. If you have questions about reimbursements, contact your health insurance company

  • Prices

    The pedicure at Skin Improvement & Beauty in Amsterdam can be booked from €35.

    For the full price list , click here.

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