LPG treatment during pregnancy

My LPG treatment during pregnancy

How did you come to Skin improvement & Beauty for treatment (consultation, through someone else)?
Through a friend of mine, who underwent the same treatment and was very satisfied.

How did you experience the treatment (think comfort)?
Despite my thickening belly, the treatment was comfortable. My attitude was taken into account.

How does the treatment feel ?
The treatment feels like a light massage. Also very nice that the lower back is included.

How do the legs feel right after the treatment ?
My legs felt good, slightly tingly at times, and I was also told that this is the effect.

How do the legs feel after the treatment / what did you notice that the treatment worked ?
I could tell from the tingling/something restless feeling that something was definitely happening because of the treatment. Sometimes also urinated more than usual.

How did the legs react when you skipped a treatment / what did you notice. ?
I did notice that I retained fluid a little faster if I skipped a treatment, sometimes a nasty feeling in the calves.

Was the treatment effective in controlling moisture & or other symptoms?
Because I started the treatments on time, I definitely think the treatment was effective, as I have had little to no fluid retention. When I stopped treatment in the last weeks of pregnancy due to travel, I immediately noticed that I started retaining more fluid.
Also, I suffered from a lot of lower back pain during my pregnancy, and I noticed that this diminished with the treatment.

How was the contact with practitioners?
My practitioners were very involved with my pregnancy and were able to give me other advice regarding my skin and fluid retention in addition to the treatment.

Was the treatment and contact satisfactory?
It was certainly satisfactory. I have therefore given the treatment as advice to other pregnant women as well! With another pregnancy, I would definitely do it again.