Nail restoration

Nail repair for beautiful even nails

Suffering from uneven or chipped nails? With the nail repair treatment at Skin Improvement & Beauty, we make your nails nice and even again. This can be done for both hands and feet. So you can confidently show your hands again or wear those beautiful summer sandals.

Deep tissue massage

The nail repair treatment at Skin Improvement & Beauty in Amsterdam

Nail repair treatment involves replacing or filling the uneven nail with gel or acrylic from the part of the nail that still exists. The replaced or filled part grows out with the original nail.

The artificial nail not only makes your nail look beautiful again, but also preserves the original nail bulges. This will prevent any future problems such as ingrowth or deformation of the nails.

The padding can be placed in a natural color or a paint color. Also, the artificial nail can simply be painted.

  • Indications for nail repair treatment

    Nail repair can be a good solution in several situations. In the situations below, a nail repair may be the answer:

    • in case of (partially) missing nails
    • in case of cracked nails
    • in case of missing nail corners
    • ingrown nails
    • in case of damaged nails
    • in case of deformed nails
    • For weaker nails, to strengthen the nail
    • For nail fungus.

    A nail brace for crooked or ingrown toenails

    A nail brace is a steel or plastic brace placed across the width of the nail. This is then put under tension to allow the nail to take the correct shape. The brace makes the nail grow less crooked. This reduces the chance of ingrowth.

    A nail brace should remain in place for an average of six weeks, and sometimes multiple treatments are needed. In consultation with one of our pedicurists, we can see if a nail brace can help you.

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